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METHODOLOGY...How Will Your Student Learn Music

No two music students are the same, so HOW they learn what they learn is as individualized as they are...that makes my job very interesting.  After the first 4 lessons, I will develop a plan of action that fits the student.  Age and level of experience pay a large role in those decisions.  In the end, we will all be making beautiful music together!!



To begin, I will select a set of piano method books based on the student's age.  Materials for voice and theory students vary based on ability.  Parents should purchase these before the first lesson unless instructed otherwise.  I will also provide supplemental materials to meet each students specific needs.


Music theory is a part of every lesson.  Each student will be given music theory assignments as a part of their method series.  I will occasionally send assignments home in addition to daily practice, however, most of the theory work will be completed during the lesson.  This will be done so I can see how the student is processing the information.



An understanding of music history is an important part of learning any instrument.   Students will be required to have a “composer journal” after the first 6 months of lessons.  This journal will help history come alive and students will be able to recall what they have learned and apply it.  Pictures and stories that promote "recall" assist the student with their music history lessons.



Group lessons are offered on the FOURTH SATURDAY of each quarter - in addition to private lessons. This is a time for students to perform for each other, brush up on music theory through games, and explore different genres of music. Fun, fun, fun!

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